written by Ilana

The tentative plan is as follows:

July 7th–August 25th:  Peru, Bolivia, Argentina (starting in Lima and finishing in Buenos Aires, highlights will include the Inca Trail, and hopefully an Amazon rainforest tour)

August 26–end of September:  Australia, celebrating the holidays with Bloom’s family in Melbourne and hopefully seeing other parts of Australia as well.

October–November:  China and Nepal (plan on seeing some pandas and Tibet in China, and trekking the Annapurna Circuit in Nepal)

December-January: South East Asia  (hope to spend time in Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Malaysia, Malaysian Borneo)

February–April 14:  India (possibly volunteer here)

April 14–May 1:  Israel, (celebrating Pesach with Ilana’s father and family)

May–mid July:  Africa (would love to do a gorilla trek and a safari)

We know this is vague, and that’s the point.  We want to leave ourselves the freedom to decide our plans as we travel, so that if we love a place we can stay there for a while, and if we hate a place we can feel free to leave.  At this point we know that we want to do some volunteering along the way, hopefully in India and/or Africa.