iguazu falls
8th June
written by Ilana

We leave for our round the world trip on July 7th.  Less than one month away!  We leave NY on June 30th, which is totally insane.  There’s so much to do!

So far we have:

  1. Gone to the doctor for physicals
  2. Ilana got the following vaccines:  Hepatitis A, Yellow Fever, Typhoid and a Polio Booster.  Bloom got:  Yellow Fever vaccine and Typhoid vaccine in pill form.  Weird!
  3. Opened new joint bank account at Capital One where they don’t charge you extra for using an ATM overseas.
  4. Sublet our apartment for the year.  Yay!
  5. Told our employers that we’re leaving.
  6. Booked our flights from NY–Chicago for June 30th.
  7. Booked our flights from Chicago–Lima for July 7th.
  8. Booked our flights from Buenos Aires–Melbourne for August 25th.
  9. Ilana bought a backpack
  10. Benji, Ilana’s colleague, loaned her his kindle for the year.  Awesome!
  11. Josh, Ilana’s brother, is loaning his netbook to Bloom and Ilana for the year.  Also awesome!

Ok, I feel a little better after making that list.  We still need to:

  1. Ilana needs to finish grading and other school related work.
  2. Organize our apartment/pack up our clothes.
  3. Buy all sorts of travel gear
  4. Ilana is convinced she needs to buy travel clothes
  5. Figure out how to pack for a year in a backpack…

I hope this wasn’t too boring to read.  I promise this blog will get more exciting as we travel!


  1. Benji

    Love the blog! Your first entry is so interesting to read — all about your world travels! Can’t wait to see the kindle when you get back!

  2. Rins


    (Or just bring me back souvenirs)

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